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Ultrasound Technician Hampton VA

Ultrasound technicians, also known as ultrasonographers and diagnostic medical sonographers, use sonography to diagnose medical conditions. They use transducers, direct high frequency sound waves to a patient’s body, operate sonography equipment, and select the best sonography images. See below for staffing agencies and job search companies in Hampton, VA who can help you break into the healthcare industry.

Zel Technologies
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54 Old Hampton Lane
Hampton, VA

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Environmental Career Center
(757) 727-7891
2 Eaton Street
Hampton, VA
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Integrity Staffing Services, Inc.
(757) 826-3066
1029 W Mercury Blvd
Hampton, VA

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E & E Enterprises Global
(757) 826-9532
PO Box 7826
Hampton, VA

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Chessieview Services, Inc.
(410) 212-0474
PO Box 429
Hampton, VA

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Zeltech Corporate Hq
(888) 368-2668
54 Old Hampton Way
Hampton, VA

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(757) 503-7214
100 Martha Lee Drive, #67
Hampton, VA

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Magic's Temporary Employment
(757) 988-0300
609 Powhatan Pkwy
Hampton, VA

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Sentara Personnel Svc
(757) 766-2700
2713 Magruder Blvd
Hampton, VA

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2311 marshall ave
Newport News, VA

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Radiologic Technologist Interview, Radiologic Technologist Careers, Radiologic Technologist Degree P...

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Cathy Dressen has worked as a radiologic technologist for more than 19 years. She is the current affiliate relations program manager with the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT) .

Radiologic Technologist Career Path
Cathy has always been interested in the medical field. “I liked to work with people,” she says, “and I wanted a career that offered opportunities to advance.”

Since radiologic technologist is a relatively stable career, who wouldn’t jump on it in today’s economy? Cathy also had the chance to learn about many different types of modalities, such as computerized tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, radiation therapy, mammography and interventional radiography.

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Radiologic Technologist Experiences
For more than 19 years, Cathy has worked in radiologic technology, working as both a radiographer and as a magnetic resonance technologist. She also worked in the field as an MR supervisor/technologist at a hospital.

“I have worked in both hospitals and outpatient imaging centers,” says Cathy. , “I performed MRIs routinely both in hospital and outpatient facility. I also worked as a radiographer taking routine x-rays, emergency room portable radiographs and working in the O.R. utilizing a portable C-Arm.”

During her training, Cathy learned problem solving skills, multitasking, and communication skills. “I learned that radiologic technologists are an integral part of the health care team,” she says. “I also learned the ability to be compassionate and caring to people who are experiencing difficult situations.”

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Radiologic Technologist Degree Programs
“There are a variety of ways to become a radiographer,” says Cathy. “Some individuals participate in two-year programs based in hospitals, earning a certificate when they graduate. Other students enroll in two-year programs at community colleges or technical schools, earning an associate degree. Others choose to attend four-year programs for Bachelor’s degrees.”

Whatever the program that a student pursues, he or she must take classes on written/oral communication, math courses, and computer courses. These types of classes will help a radiologic technologist in their career.

Radiologic Technologist Job Description
Cathy is the current affiliate relations program manager with the American Society of Radiologic Technologists, which is a professional membership organization for medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals. “We provide radiologic technologists (R.T.s) with the tools, support and services that they need to excel in their careers. We represent more than 134,000 R.T.s.”

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Radiologic Technologist Daily Routine
“A radiologic technologist must be flexible and able to work in challenging situations with variable hours,” says Cathy. “Days, nights, weekends and holidays. Y...

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