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Communications Jobs Topeka KS

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(785) 235-5627
1430 SW Topeka Boulevard
Topeka, KS
Carpenters District Council Of Kansas City & Vicinity 1445
(785) 233-4369
212 Nw Norris St
Topeka, KS
Iamaw District 19
(785) 273-5052
3517 Sw Kent Ct
Topeka, KS
American Postal Workers Union AFL-CIO
(785) 234-2798
3906 Nw 16th St Ste 2
Topeka, KS
IBEW Local Union 226
(785) 232-1761
1620 Nw Gage Blvd
Topeka, KS
Communications Workers Of America Local 6401
(785) 267-4003
3320 Sw Harrison St Ste 5
Topeka, KS
IBEW Local Union 226
(785) 267-6333
4101 Sw Southgate Dr Ste A
Topeka, KS
Premier Executive Recruiting
(785) 273-9944
2813 SW Wanamaker Rd
Topeka, KS

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IBEW Local Union
(785) 235-2301
3906 Nw 16th St
Topeka, KS
American Postal Workers Union AFL-CIO
(785) 234-3798
1410 Nw Gage Blvd
Topeka, KS
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Communications Degrees, Comunications Career Profile, Salary Information

Communications Basics
In today’s business world, running a company well and delivering a useful good or service isn’t enough to remain competitive. It is crucial, in atmosphere of 24-hour news networks and the scrutiny of countless websites and blogs, that organizations try to craft public messages that seek to frame the organization’s positive aspects.

Though there are a variety of positions within the field of communications, the underlying motivation for all of them is the same: to act as the public advocates for their organizations or clients.

The duties and position titles of jobs in communications can range widely. Some are responsible for relaying organizational messages directly to the media, or serving as the public face of the company by appearing on television and programs.

Editorial positions within communications departments create the public message in the form of press releases and are responsible for ensuring brand consistency in tone, message, and style across multiple formats.

Very recently, the expanding social media universe has sparked the creation of social media positions, which are solely focused on giving the organization a face within sites like Facebook and Twitter, as well as monitoring news, blog posts, and social media “buzz” about the company.

How to Get Started in Communications
Communications professionals can come from a broad range of backgrounds. However, most entry-level communications positions require a bachelor’s degree in public relations , journalism, marketing , or communications . Coursework or experience in business, economics, psychology, or advertising is often helpful.

Featured Online School for Communications Degrees:

  • Kaplan University – Request Information

Compatible Personality Traits
Creativity, exceptional research skills, excellent communications and writing skills, self-confidence and the ability to express a point of view assertively, ability to meet deadlines individually and as part of a collaborative team

Salary Expectations for Communications
Communications salaries are as varied as the positions within it. Most communications writers and editors earn between $43,500 and $57,000.

Communications managers working in marketing often earn between $71,000 and $94,500. With a great deal of experience and success, communications executives can earn between $143,000 and $234,000.

Job Outlook for Communications

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